Message from the President


Rev. Dr. Edward Sparkman, President, Manna Bible Institute

God continues to bless my life and work for Him. I am grateful and blessed to have been called by Him to be the 11th President of Manna Bible Institute. I am encouraged and excited as He uses me to serve Him and take Manna to the “Next Level!”

In times such as we live in today, we as believers must not only be knowledgeable of the word of God, but must seek to live and apply His word in every aspect of our life and living. This can only take place if we remain encouraged, enthused and excited about His work. I am seeking your fervent prayers for me and Manna Bible Institute as we together allow God to take us to the “Next Level.” To my Manna Family and to all of us doing the Lord’s work, “it isn’t over till God says it’s over!”

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