Virtual Courses for Manna Main Campus (Tuesday and Thursday) will be held beginning Thursday, September 3, 2020 through Thursday, December 17, 2020, and Tuesday, September 8 through Tuesday, December 22, 2020.

Freshman Courses

BB-111 Pentateuch   –   The first five books of the Old Testament are studied with emphasis upon geography and the distinctive purposed and theme of each book as well as its contribution to the unity of the whole Bible and the spiritual lessons derived from God’s dealing with man in general and in particular Israel.                                              

TH-125 Foundation Truths   –  A doctrinal survey of verbal inspiration, sin, salvation, eternal lie, standing and state, the two natures, Satan, the surrendered life, service and witnessing, the Spirit filled life, rewards, prayer stewardship and the will of God.

Sophomore Classes:

BB-211    Isaiah & Jeremiah  –  A study of the historical setting and prophetic scope of these two major prophets, with attention given to their exposition, theology and lessons for personal application.

BB-212   Minor Prophets   –   Using the date of the Exile as a basic reference point, a survey of the twelve minor prophets is presented.
From the decline and fall of Israel.

HI-241   Biblical Introduction   –   This survey course will acquaint the student with the historical development of the Bible from its original writing to present day versions.

ME-251  Personal Evangelism   –   The techniques of approach, presentation and invitation in different types of situations, including street evangelism and visitation evangelism is studied.  Scriptures used in soul winning are memorized and dependence upon the Holy Spirit is stressed.  Practical work is coordinated with the class.

Junior Courses:

TH-323 Typology   –   A careful study of Old Testament types and their New Testament counterparts which testify to the unity of the Scriptures and serve to illustrate and clarify Biblical Truth.  Particular emphasis is given to the study of the Tabernacle, the five offerings of Leviticus 1-7 and the seven feasts of Leviticus 23.

TH-325 Man & Salvation I & 2   –   A careful study of man – his creation, & 326 origin, nature, fall, duty and destiny – and of salvation; including such words as repentance, faith regeneration, justification, adoption, sanctification and prayer.  Two Semesters.

BB-311 Corinthians   –   A study of the solution to the major problems of the church at Corinth, God’s message of comfort, and Paul’s personal defense of his ministry.  Emphasis is put on the relevance of the issues arising from the Corinthian church to the modern local assembly.
Senior Courses:

BB-414 & 415  Daniel & Revelation 1-2   –  The literal, futuristic, pre-millennial viewpoints are taken in these studies.  Daniel gives the framework of prophecy and is therefore presented first.  The Book of Revelation is then analyzed to show how it completes and climaxes the prophetic Scriptures.  Two Semesters.

Freshmen Courses

BB 111 Pentateuch – Thursday – 6:45 p.m. – Professor Anthony P. Newman 1

BB-125 Foundation Truths – Tuesday – 6:45 p.m. – Professor Robert Figge

Sophomore Courses

BB-211 Isaiah-Jeremiah – Tuesday – 7:50 p.m. – Professor Calvin Huger

BB-212 Minor Prophets – Thursday – 6:45 p.m. – Professor James Edlow

HI-241 Biblical Introduction – Tuesday – 9:00 p.m. – Professor Nathan Adams

ME-251 Personal Evangelism – Thursday – 7:50 p.m. – Professor Anthony Newman 1

Junior Courses

​​​​​​TH-323 Typology – Thursday – 6:45 p.m. – Professor Arvelle C. Jones

TH-325 Man & Salvation – Tuesday – 6:45 p.m. – Professor Calvin Huger

BB-311 Corinthians – Tuesday – 7:50 p.m. – Professor Ruth I. Harper

Senior Courses

BB-414 Daniel & Revelation 1 – Thursday – 6:45 p.m. – Professor Harvey C. Quarles

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